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We have retailer leaflet application,  used by 1.4 million Turkish consumer user. It covers printed activities of all retailers in Turkey.  Utilizing the content and shopper behavior data  of application, we developed  analytics tool which covers last 4 years data.  Every month there are 50,000 product promotions are feeding into system. It is used by top notch multinational companies in Turkey (P&G, Loreal, Reckitt Benckiser, Loreal, Pepsico, Numil, etc). Tool provides to make historical price/promo analysis of the products. While giving perspective about your product category, we do not make assumptions! We use 4 year realized data and give you the most realistic perspective. Below you can find some of the questions we can easily answer via using ebosur-analytics tool:

1. What is the pricing progress in the market?

2. What is the pricing strategy of your competition?

3. What are the core promoted sizes?

4. What are the promotion share of the different brands?

5. What would be your Gross Margin depending on your pricing strategy?

6. How many times shoppers opened specific retailers promo leaflet? Ranking of the retailers.

7. What is the seasonality pattern of my product category?